Product information
Item No.: BB007-Diamond Painting Handbag 28X35CM
Material: Cotton
Size: BB001-28*35, BB002-28*35, BB003-28*35, BB004-28*35, BB005-diamond painting tote bag 28X35CM, BB006-diamond painting tote bag 28X35CM, BB007-diamond painting tote bag 28X35CM, BB008-Diamond Painted Tote Bag 28X35CM,BB009-Diamond Painted Tote Bag 28X35CM,BB010-Diamond Painted Tote Bag 28X35CM,BB011-Diamond Painted Tote Bag 28X35CM,BB012-Diamond Painted Tote Bag 28X35CM
Craft: Manual
Category: Diamond Painting

Packing list
Handbag x1

Bag style

Style 11, Style 12, Style1, Style10, Style2, Style3, Style4, Style5, Style6, Style7, Style8, Style9


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