Product information:

Material: PU leather
Opening method: zipper buckle
Small bag internal structure: square type
Lining texture: polyester
Processing methods: soft surface
Length: Mid-length


Black, Blue, Crimson, Deep pink, Grey, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose Red, Set1, Set10, Set11, Set12, Set13, Set14, Set15, Set16, Set161, Set17, Set18, Set19, Set2, Set20, Set21, Set22, Set23, Set24, Set25, Set26, Set27, Set28, Set29, Set3, Set30, Set31, Set32, Set33, Set34, Set35, Set36, Set37, Set38, Set39, Set4, Set40, Set41, Set42, Set43, Set44, Set45, Set46, Set47, Set48, Set49, Set5, Set50, Set51, Set52, Set53, Set54, Set55, Set56, Set57, Set58, Set59, Set6, Set60, Set62, Set63, Set64, Set65, Set66, Set67, Set68, Set69, Set7, Set70, Set71, Set72, Set73, Set74, Set75, Set76, Set77, Set8, Set9


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