Japanese-style home portable collapsible tug bag! Shopping travel bag! Stylish design, easy to carry, easy to carry! Stretching and expanding makes it easier for you to buy the items you need, no need to worry about the size of your shopping bag! The bottom belt tug, the weight can be dragged, more convenient, more realistic, is a good helper for your shopping and travel!
Parents note that this batch of tugboats is an upgraded version. The front batch is prone to the phenomenon that the bottom fabric is worn out when the protection strip is in use. The store deliberately added an upgraded version with a protective strip.
When folding or opening, the hand struts can be folded forward according to the direction of the arrow on the wheel base. The opening is also the hand struts that can be opened by pushing forward in the direction of the arrow.

Material: 600D encrypted Oxford cloth
Size: as shown
Color: as shown

Package Content :
1x variant




10style, 11style, 12style, 13style, 14style, 15style, 1style, 2style, 3style, 4style, 5style, 6style, 7style, 8style, 9style


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